Workshops & teachers

Our workshops are being taught by the following three outstanding teaching partnerships - all well known and liked on the international Balboa dance scene:

Tiphaine and Rudolf

Tiphaine and Rudolf in the teachers demo at the Vienna Swing Exchange (“Some Like It Hot”) in 2014

Rudolf and Tiphaine have joined forces to spread their love for Balboa in 2012. Rudi is known in the swing world for his creative enthusiasm, playful improvisation, and solid technique, and Tiph for her elegant flow, smooth connection, and sound quality of movement.

Social dancing has always been a main focus of theirs and you can frequently spot them on various dance floors around the world. They also compete and regularly end up in finals and on the podiums.

Together, they strive to push their limits, perpetually improve, share their passion, and hopefully inspire and infect their students with the Bal bug.

Anni and Gašper

Anni and Gašper at the Harlem Swing Festival in Vilnius in 2016

Anni Skoglund and Gašper Hrovat are an inspiring dance couple with a playful, passionate, and smooth style. Their awareness and focus on one another creates a joy that leads to magical social dancing. Their pedagogical approach is relaxed, detailed, and clear.

Yulia and Sasha

Yulia and Sasha competing at Cal Bal in 2016 (right hand side)

Currently based in London, UK, Yulia and Sasha fell in love with Balboa in 2010 while still part of a very enthusiastic and competitive Russian swing dance scene. They have ever since been in constant search of the authenticity of the dance and the exploration of partners’ dynamics both in pure Balboa and Bal-Swing. The couple is often spotted on the competition dance floor. 

Four times CalBal Pure Balboa champions, they have also placed in several other internationally acknowledged Balboa contests, including EuroBal Cup Open, The Snowball, and ABW Open Jack & Jills.