Visiting Nations

At the time of writing in June 2018, the Rigamarole is only four months away, and we are delighted to see the registrations from all over the world. Currently we have 16 countries represented and we can’t wait to meet you all in October. For your perusal, you can expect to bump into people from the following locations:


Austria • Denmark • England • Finland • France • Germany • Luxembourg • The Netherlands • Norway • Poland • Russia • Scotland • Spain • Switzerland • USA • Wales

Fra Muro Map (circa 1450)

Cities & Areas outside the UK

Sometimes you gave just a country, but sometimes you gave a city or area instead - from outside the UK we have visitors from the following cities and areas:

Antwerp (Belgium) • Cleveland, OH (USA) • Colorado Springs, CO (USA) • Huntsville, AL • New York, NY (USA) • Cologne (Germany) • Gent (Belgium) • Edinburgh (Scotland) • Copenhagen (Denmark) • Delft (The Netherlands) • Göteborg (Sweden) • Helsinki (Finland) • Malmö (Sweden) • Moscow (Russia) • Munich (Germany) • Oslo (Norway) • Paris (France) • Schwaebisch Gmuend (Germany) • Stockholm (Sweden) • Stuttgart (Germany) • Turku (Finland) • Valencia (Spain) • Vienna (Austria) • Zuerich (Switzerland)

Cities & Areas inside the UK

Lots of our visitors from the UK gave a city or area as well - the “locals” are coming from:

Brighton • Bristol • Cambridge • Canterbury • Chester • Durham • Glasgow • Herefordshire • High Wycombe • Kent • Leeds • Leicester • Leighton Buzzard • London • Macclesfield • Manchester • Nottingham • Oxford • Sheffield • West Sussex

Bristol wins a prize for the largest variety of additional exclamation marks added on the registation form :)

The random additions

There are always a few extra-entertaining additions to any registration form. We particularly enjoyed seeing the following two locations:

  • Aboard the Lindy Hopper!
  • My Suitcase!

Wherever you’re from we’re looking forward to meeting you in October!