We present to you our fantastic bands …

… and our intrepid DJs

The Andreas Hofschneider Quartet

Last year Andreas and his musicians absolutely killed it - people have been talking to us all year about how much they enjoyed their music and wanting to know if they would return - well, now you know!

If you don’t already know them, Andreas Hofschneider is a well recognised jazz clarinetist from Berlin. He is highly rated amongst jazz critics and his sound is beloved of the international Balboa scene - they have played for high profile Balboa events around the world including LindyShock (Budapest), the Berlin Balboa Weekend (his home city of Berlin), Minor Swing (Gothenburg), and of course The Rigamarole in London.

The Andreas Hofschneider Quintet

Andreas formed the band in 2009 on Benny Goodman's 100th birthday as a tribute to the legend. Their repertoire is drawn from Goodman's small combos of the 1930's delivered by the band in their distinctive style. Their focus is to bring a unique sound experience to the stage and they guarantee genuine enthusiasm at the highest level.

Duncan Hemstock and His All Stars

Duncan and his all stars appeared last year for our Sunday dance and they swung so hard we couldn’t resist inviting them back for more. They gave us a soaring finish to our weekend and we have no doubt that they’ll knock it out of the park for us again.

Duncan Hemstock And His All Stars from duncanhemstock on Vimeo.

Ably backed by a collection of some of the finest Swing musicians in London - affectionately known as The All Stars - Duncan plays classic numbers from the ‘20s, ‘30s, and when feeling a little dangerous, the ‘40s. Dancers are sure to be on the floor, whilst those who feel more comfortable in their chairs will no doubt find their feet tapping to the fierce Swing tunes or swaying themselves to a sweet melody.

We are on tenterhooks to see what they pull out of the hat for us this year!


We’re (moderately quietly) smug about our DJ line up for this autumn. We’ve got another ridiculously talented team and they’re chomping at the bit to play you their favourite tunes.

Stephan Wuthe

Our head DJ for the event is Stephan Wuthe

Stephan Wuthe

Stephan Wuthe – photograph by David Gauffin

Many of you will already know him - but those of you who don’t may already have some of the “Balboa Swings” albums that he has painstakingly curated - digitising great songs from his gargantuan collection of shellac 78s. His depth of knowledge of music of the swing era and the warmth and enthusiasm with which he shares it endear him to all who encounter him. We’re incredibly proud to have him back on board.

He’s reknowned as a great swing DJ in our community, having manned the decks in his home town of Berlin, at the famous Castle Camp in the German countryside, in London at last year’s Rigamarole, and in Budapest, Cannes, Herräng Dance Camp (Sweden), Rotterdam, Stockholm, Vienna, Zurich, and many many more!

He will be at the head of our team of international DJs and we’ll be announcing the rest of them one by one over the next few weeks.


New to The Rigamarole and newly resident in London is Mitya


DJ Mitya - photograph by Alexey Makushin

“The hardest part of the job as a DJ for me - is to find a good photo and come up with a funny caption for it. The rest goes by itself. I just play good old swing music and people just dance, and we just have fun all together, have rest and refill ourselves with energy. But before that I desperately need to say something important (cause I’m a DJ) but not too serious (same reason). So, please eat more greens. And stay hydrated.” – DJ Mitya

Amongst other illustrious events we’ve had the pleasure of hearing him DJ for the Berlin Balboa Weekend and The Snowball so we can’t wait to hear what he pulls out of the hat (or small bucket) for this year’s Rigamarole!

Stephen Badham

Returning to The Rigamarole from his home scene in Birmingham is Stephen


DJ Stephen

Stephen has been running events and DJing since 2009 and has developed an extensive collection of swing music from the 1920s - 1950s. He has DJd at a number of national and international events including: California Balboa Classic, All Balboa Weekend, New York Bal Week, The Balboa Experiment, London Balboa Exchange, Thames Valley Balboa Festival and last year’s Rigamarole.

He loves to dance Bal to the classic big bands, his favourite being Benny Goodman. Clarinet and vibes is, in Stephen’s opinion, the finest musical combination in the history of everything, ever1

1Editor’s note: This is just a statement of fact.


SuperHeidi invariably plays great swing and judges the dancers’ needs to perfection. Her famous red and white polkadot headphones are seen across the dancefloors of Europe where she is always in demand - most especially amongst Balboa dancers.


DJ SuperHeidi

In her own inimitable words:

Let’s keep it short & sweet: I’m here for all your swingin’ pleasure, to make you sweat, put that happy grin on your face and not allowing your feet a rest. If you heard my tunes at my stompin ground in the Netherlands or elsewhere (like Snowball, Lindy Shock, Herräng, All Balboa Weekend, Berlin/Hamburg/Barcelona Balboa Weekend, Studio Hop Summer Camp, Frim Fram Jam, Smokey Feet, Harbour Hop) you know I’m having all the fun in DJing for balboa, lindy hop and some blues. My music tastes are pretty broad (try me!), but tell you what, the faster tunes of the 1930s are really exciting!

We’re very happy to welcome her back to The Rigamarole and that she completes our roster on this year’s DJ panel.