Level descriptions for those who have already signed up for full passes - we have now sold out of full passes.

There will be three class levels:

  • Intermediate
  • Intermediate-Advanced
  • Advanced

Please note that the classes are not suitable for complete beginners.

All placement into levels will be by audition on the Saturday at Limehouse Town Hall and no exceptions will be made unless you’re happy to be in the Intermediate level in which case you need not attend the audition. As the numbers are fixed, the class levels will be relative to those of your fellow students overall - but please bear the following in mind as a guide to our expectations for the class material:

As an aspiring Intermediate dancer you should have experience of dancing on the social floor as well as in the classroom. You should be capable in the core vocabulary of pure Balboa and Bal-swing. In Bal-swing your come-arounds, toss outs, lollies, and swivels are all solid. You are comfortable switching into and out of pure-Balboa. You are interested in new figures and better technique.

As an aspiring Intermediate-Advanced dancer you should have experience of the above but you also attend workshops when the opportunity arises. You are comfortable using counter-body motion in your dancing, you enjoy rhythm variations in your pure-Balboa and Bal-swing, and while you are interested in learning more challenging figures your main focus is now better connection and technique.

As an Advanced dancer you can pick up a new figure pretty easily - but you are keen to improve your technique and to learn new techniques for material that you have already otherwise mastered. You attend workshops and international events frequently. You practice your dancing on a regular basis.

The audition is the only way to get into the higher levels. If you don’t get the level you were hoping for then we are sorry, we know this can be disappointing, but there will NOT be an appeals procedure. A good dancer can learn in a class of any level; we consider the skills of the teachers to be far more important than the level assignment. If level placement will make or break your weekend then please apply for a party pass instead.