Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you have questions that aren’t addressed here or on the rest of the site then send us an email at or message us on our Facebook page.

Do I need a signup partner?

Realistically, if you’re a follow then yes, and if you’re a leader then no. We’ve already sold out of all class passes and we have a waiting list for follows on the party passes that exceeds our capacity. Some, but not all, of our waitlisted follows will still get a spot, but new follow registrations won’t get in unless they find a booking partner.

If you find a booking partner after you have already signed up solo ask them to put your name in as their booking partner when they register and we’ll update your registration accordingly. We don’t allow this for a partner who is already on the list (i.e. a solo leader signing up will typically rescue a solo follow from the waiting list so we can’t give you their space later on).

Does my registration partner need to be the same level as me?

No. Levels are assigned by an audition process. Your partner must be doing the same track (full pass or party pass) but their level is not relevant for full passes as it will be determined on the weekend.

Will you sell tickets on the door?

No. The terms of our license for the venue forbid this.

Will you sell single night tickets?

No. We’re at our venue’s capacity so we won’t have room for additional single-night dancers.

If I buy a party pass but can’t make all the nights can I transfer it to someone else on the nights I can’t make?

No, we don’t allow that.

Do you offer refunds for cancellations?

Yes - please see our cancellation policy details (also linked from the registration page).

Can I change my registration?

Possibly. Email us at and we’ll discuss it.

I forgot to pay by the deadline and my registration was cancelled - what can I do?

Oops. Send us an email at and we’ll do what we can. If we haven’t yet given away your spot on the waiting list we’ll probably let you pay (quickly) and retain it. Otherwise you may be moved to the end of the waiting list and have to wait your turn.

Does the deadline apply if I am on the waiting list?

No - the clock doesn’t start ticking until you get a confirmed spot. You then have three weeks (four if your spot was confirmed before 1st June) to pay.

Do I get the early registration discounts if I am still on the waiting list?

Yes, if you were in time for the “early bird” or “early worm” discounts when you registered then your payment request will be at those prices when you come off the waiting list.

What are the payment options?

Bank transfer only please - and if you’re making a payment internationally we strongly encourage you to use Transferwise to keep your costs and our admin overhead down. We don’t accept Paypal, Cash, or other ad hoc arrangements.

Details for payment are supplied in the confirmation email you receive when you are allocated a place at the Rigamarole.

Can I volunteer?

Please indicate on the form when you register and we’ll be in touch about any volunteering opportunities that open up. We currently have a full roster of DJs.

Who’s coming?

Take a look at our list of attending cities and countries as of June - we expect lots more by the time we open the doors in October!